Te Rauparaha Arena

Ten years after Stephenson&Turner designed and built the aquatic centre for Porirua City Council, we were asked to build a new recreation centre adjacent to the very successful swimming facility.

The new centre was devised to sustain a range of community events within an innovative and creative framework. The Council also required a value-for-money solution that would deliver maximum revenue and business development potential.

The centre comprises a three-court main hall with seating for 2000, a single-court warm-up hall, gymnasium, dance studio, lecture theatre, sports medicine clinic, cafe and administration offices.

Flexibility was the ultimate goal in the design and the centre can be configured to host a wide range of sporting competitions, concerts, trade shows, expos and weddings. The centre is also future-proofed, with the capacity to be extended to meet the changing needs of Porirua City.

Combining simplicity and practicality, the arena’s exterior is enhanced through careful landscaping and lighting design. The requirement for a cost effective design and build solution means that modern, top quality materials have been used while Stephenson&Turner’s focus on sustainability has ensured recycled materials feature wherever possible.

Project Team