Tawa Intermediate School

Master Plan & Classroom Block

We produced a masterplan for the school to provide coherence for three separate projects as well as provide a framework for future projects. The masterplan sets the library as the creative and learning ‘hub’ of the school; a central resource that supports all learning.

Circulation is redefined as a intuitive social and learning space that provides connections, aids accessibility and provides an entrance to the school.

Avalon Block was redeveloped to provide a wide range of learning settings, suitable to a 21st Century Learning Environment. This has been done while being highly practical under very tight budgets.

Around the library runs a wide double height learning street which provides visual connection between the teaching spaces on the two levels of the main block back into library as the central hub. The street is not just a circulation route, it is a learning space in its own right as well as being a place for social interaction. The library is seen as more than a place to have books. It is a library for the 21st century with a ICT/media suite, spaces for tutorials and an area where teachers their work visually connected to the students. It accommodates a variety of learning settings and access to resources.

An existing four classroom Avalon Block has been converted into a simple, efficient and economical modern learning environment. Toilets and a poor circulation passage were removed from the rear of the block creating a withdrawal teaching space off each classroom and an open circulation/utility wet area that allows all four classrooms to connect to each other.

Project Team