Sports Facility Design

The greatest sports facilities come out of empathetic partnerships between design consultants and communities. We work with clubs, venue operators, councils and developers to plan, build and strengthen sports facilities to be used for events, competitions, and venues. Our team is driven, collaborative and precise in our execution - applying the same qualities as a great sports team does.

The majority of sporting communities are well used to working within tight budgets: dreaming big, aiming high and accepting the best a team can deliver. At S&T, we believe budget boundaries should not restrict design, only help refine parameters to create great architecture rather than subtract from it enabling satisfying results that are interesting and effective.

Our number one design driver are our Clients.  In community sporting facilities the groups of interested parties can be significant but, everyone has something useful to add to the final outcome. From the beginning we put a heavy emphasis on consultation, to understand the community and the site, we establish a set of core and agreed values that everyone agrees on as being critical to success.

These community values become our design values, by which we measure our design process. Sports facilities often have complex services requirements and the smart integration of services to architecture is super critical.  Our approach is unique in that we include our services engineers in our design process from the outset so that we are able to provide smart design that will last the test of time.

S&T has an extensive history of sports facility design stretching back to the Members’ Stand at the MCG.  Our recent work in New Zealand includes the Porirua Aquatic Leisure Centre and the adjacent Te Rauparaha Arena.  We have been invited to design facilities in Vietnam and recently completed the Rita Flynn Netball Stadium in Papua New Guinea as well as over 20 sports lighting projects throughout Auckland and Wellington.


Dennis Chippindale