Silverdale Medical Centre

With a service area that include the Rodney District and further afield, the Silverdale Medical Centre required a sizeable space while retaining functionality. Warren & Mahoney provided the architectural expertise for this project and created a two-storey design that would match these needs. The first floor plays host to the general practitioner’s offices, along with a pharmacy and extra space for other retail, while Southern Cross has the second floor for hospital capacity, complete with three operating theatres, recovery area, bedrooms and hospital support functions.

For out part, S&T generated the provision of all designs and specifications for the services engineering disciplines, including: 

  • energy sources (electricity, gas, stand-by and/or co-generation)
  • electrical (including lighting, power, UPS, cardiac & body protection) 
  • air conditioning and mechanical ventilation (including theatre and sterile-area air conditioning as well as central vacuum) 
  • hydraulics (including heating, steam, boilers and piped gas) 
  • security, data/communications, access and door controls, CCTV, MATV, public address, nurse call, lifts and dumb-waiters
  • kitchen, laundry, sterilisation, utility, theatre and service area built-in equipment

Also included in the scope of our services was the construction period observation and design attendance along with Defects Liability Period (DLP) advice for the project. Specialist hospital services were also provided including the supply of medical gases.


Project Team