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Ryan Willson 

B.E (Mech) ; B.E ; PGCert. (Fire) 

+64 27 539 7683                                                            rwillson@stephensonturner.com



Since joining S&T in 2014, Ryan has become well versed in the particulars pertaining to Site Investigation, HVAC Design, Construction and On Site Query Resolution as well as writing specifications and contract administration. He has also held the role of Team Leader for a number of projects in the religious, education and commercial sectors. 

Ryan enjoys being involved in the creative process: seeing a project start from just a piece of paper and go through the process of metamorphosis to end in a building that is a unique and almost a living, breathing thing in its own right.

His personal time is spent fixing things, breaking things, then fixing things that he has broken. Ryan is also known for his ability to come up with a fact relevant to suit any occasion and being quite an avid aquarist. Previously, he has been a volunteer Missionary and held the role of Design Engineer for Plastic Injection Moulds.