Otago Corrections Facility

The Otago Corrections Facility (OCF) is located near Milton in the lower South Island. The facility was opened in 2007 as a regional prison with a capacity of 485 prisoners.  Accommodation units are clustered around centrally located services such as kitchen, industry areas and programme rooms.

S&T worked as Engineer to the contract with Aurecon who provided the design and project design management services. Proposed enhancement works to be delivered will be the top priority items that fit within a construction budget of $1.75 million. The enhancements proposed to OCF are bracketed into 4 groups and have been worked through in the earlier design meetings and all relate to safety and security.

OCF was designed for low and high security classifications. The detailing and specifications of some elements of the buildings required additional strengthening to resist the challenges of more difficult prisoner behaviour.

Separation of youth and adult prisoners was required resulting in additional space required in both the At-Risk and Management Units.

Enhancements include; Residential Units – Security Upgrade, Separates and Management Units – Management Exercise Yards, At Risk Unit – New Exercise Yard, Staff facilities – New Control & Resistant/Staff Physical Assessment Facility

Project Team