As a practice, S&T thrives on balance. Our Architects and Engineers are seamless in their weave of precision with elegance, but we seek to strive for more, to create spaces that are a not only a sight to see but also a healthy place to be.

As such, we have been proud members of the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) since it became a member of the World Green Building Council (WGBC) in 2006. This not-for-profit, industry organisation promotes healthy built environments through its Green Star rating tools, which appraises and communicates the sustainability of New Zealand’s buildings.

The Green Star assessment can be applied to any non-residential building, with specifications available for office, industrial and education buildings, as well as interior fit-out projects. It is also customisable to take into account the building type, whether a hospital or a library, in order to make room for the additional complexities and needs of such sites.

Judging a building’s overall environmental impact requires assessment across nine categories: energy, water, materials, indoor environment quality (IEQ), transport, land use & ecology, management, emissions and innovation. The total score translates in to either a 4 Green Star - Best Practice, 5 Green Star - New Zealand Excellence or 6 Green Star - World Leadership certification.

S&T has contributed to a number of exemplar Green Star buildings, including the NZI Centre, the MPI Multi-purpose building and even our own Wellington Office which is 6 Green Star certified under the office fit-out specification – a first for such a historical building.

A number of our staff are Green Star Accredited Professionals, which has led us to host a number of events as well as present at NZGBC events, like Green Room, across the country. Our affiliation with this initiative has also resulted in S&T staff acting as industry experts on technical committees to develop new rating tools that would aim to improve this service.

S&T works within a sustainable mindset, focusing on minimising a building’s environmental impact while maximising its performance and occupant comfort. This translates into designs that can cut construction and operational costs as well as increase a building’s value. Our team can provide EDS consultancy to complement our Architectural and Building Services design of your building, or we provide a standalone specialist role that can include feasibility reviews and Green Star Assessment.

For more information on how Environmentally Sustainable Designs (ESD) can work for you, please contact our Sustainable Design expert, Karl Wakelin

S&T's own Wellington Design Studio is a 6 Green Star certified fit-out, the first for one located within a historical building.