Stephenson & Turner is pleased to announce the appointment of Mona Aziz and Tony Sanderson as our newest Principals in 2016. Richard George also joins the S&T team as Acting Principal, bolstering our energy and drive in the coming year.


Mona Aziz, Principal

Mona Aziz became part of the S&T family in 2005, rising to Associate by 2009. She is a rare commodity in the industry, being one of the few female electrical engineers in the world who is an award winning lighting designer. Her contribution to the complex integration of lighting in the architecture at 45 Queen Street brought her acclaim, and proved that creativity can be combined with practicality to produce something of inordinate precision and elegance.

Mona’s enthusiasm for maths and a curiosity into how things work has turned in to a successful career that has seen her portfolio include the Thomas Building at the University of Auckland, commercial offices at 8 Nugent Street, the 464 Remuera Road Apartments, the Silverdale Medical Centre and even churches all over New Zealand, Samoa and American Samoa. Beyond this, her post- graduate degree in Illumination Engineering has seen her work on Emergency Lighting designs for almost every sector.

It is the ever changing landscape of engineering that maintains her zeal, as she finds that there is “always something new to learn or apply”. As our newest Principal, her main aim going forward is to strengthen S&T, especially in its regard to innovative lighting. By bringing our capacity for beautiful illumination to the forefront, she hopes to inspire our clients with the possibilities that are right at their fingertips.

Tony Sanderson, Principal

Tony Sanderson has been with S&T since 2012, taking on the role of Associate Principal in 2013. His career in Mechanical Building Services design spans over 30 years and his passion lies with bringing innovation and a sharp focus on environmental performance to all his design work. Tony’s recent projects have included the Hutt City Council Administration Building, where a number of leading edge technologies and sustainability features have been utilized. These included for the first time in New Zealand, the use of ground source heat pump pipework within the buildings structural piles, known now as energy piles. Tony also takes great pride in his previous South Island projects, where he championed and implemented the use of solid fuel (Biomass).

Tony’s background is in the UK, where he became a Chartered Engineer, before moving to New Zealand. For him, the appointment as Principal allows him to take on the mantle of ‘enabler’, to work and communicate with the view of making things happen. With S&T, his mission is to take environment and low energy solutions even further, so that we can provide our clients with some truly long-lasting and, at the same time, earth-preserving designs. The encouragement of the application of BIM, not only within the company, but also with clients, is another important aspect of his agenda. For Tony, exploiting this resource’s full potential is the way of the future in order to maximise client vision and minimise project risk.

Richard George, Acting Principal

Richard George’s move to S&T in 2014 “provided both a learning curve, in terms of Education projects, and a continuity with clients, such as the Departments of Corrections, with whom (he) had cultivated a solid understanding with so far”. Richard already possessed a plethora of experience in the defence, local authority and residential sectors but it is his involvement in our unique take on educational ‘innovative learning environments’ (ILE) that has brought him the most satisfaction to date.

With little ones of his own giving the work a tangible importance, Richard believes that Stephenson & Turner’s approach to ILE, which centres on reflecting the teaching pedagogy of each individual school and the customizing of different sized spaces that enable each school to capitalize on these very differences. He was a key player in the design of the Shirley cluster and has seen from allegory to developed design the Te Pi’ipi’inga concept, which combines ILE technology spaces within an architectural metaphor – to fit both the school’s learning and cultural needs.

For Richard, his enjoyment in working with S&T comes from our flat management system and the fostering of the ‘we’ environment. He sees S&T encourage involvement from all levels, resulting in “good ideas coming from all”. Richard always imagined himself as an architect and has followed through with this aspiration, cultivating an adaptability through a practical and pragmatic approach to architecture that has created a varied portfolio covering a wide range of experience. His strengths lie in working closely with clients: from briefing right through to contract administration, completion and handover and he is able to bring creative problem solving and develop ideas across each and every stage.

With the celebration of Stephenson & Turner’s 60th year, we are prepped and eager to continue our work of inspiring and developing the building landscape of New Zealand and the Pacific with these key new assets onboard.