Drawing upon feedback from over 500 respondents, Masterspec has recently released their National BIM (Building Information Modeling) Survey Report for 2012. The report (which can be downloaded free from their website here) provides an extremely credible picture of the current level of BIM utilisation within the New Zealand building sector and has clearly outlined the future benefit realisation potential for BIM.

One significant opportunity outlined in the report is the adoption of a suitable hosting technology for BIM in New Zealand. This hosting platform would facilitate new ways for managing and facilitating collaborative workflows by secure access to BIM information for all aspects of the building model.

We at S&T are making considerable progress along the BIM Roadmap “Towards Integration” (see the diagram below), particularly through the development of our leading-edge STRATUS BIM Cloud technology, and further aided by the convergence of various BIM industry related cloud offerings. The resulting STRATUS BIM Cloud platform enables S&T to access the 3rd Level of BIM Integration.

Please contact our STRATUS team for further information regarding this exciting BIM-integration technology development.