As we are all aware life in Christchurch is not exactly the norm. With words such as relift, foundation replacement and reclad becoming the vernacular, it has become a city of people thrown into rebuild and repair situations they never dreamt would be carried out on their homes.

In response to this the Christchurch branch of Stephenson&Turner thought they should give something back in the way of knowledge.

With that in mind they have bought to life ‘Architecture Open’.

Architecture Open is a knowledge sharing platform in the form of a blog where we discuss what is happening in the city, share industry knowledge, meet with numerous suppliers and on a lighter note share good design and individual perspectives.

Each post will be open to interpretation by the writer, with one rule that they are sharing part of their knowledge base.

In addition to this they are hoping to get inside some innovative post-quake builds and discuss these in detail with the homeowners and those in involved – watch this SPACE.

We hope you enjoy having a look around the blog. If you would like to follow or share Architecture Open on Facebook we would be very grateful!