Need a quiet spot before taking off on a long international flight from Auckland Airport? The recently-completed Emperor Lounge now offers a quiet retreat for all international passengers (not just business class!) – a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the airport.

The scheme is designed around the concept of “calm,” offering passengers a chance to relax and de-stress before boarding. A specially designed study area was incorporated for those needing to catch up on work, while shower facilities provide the opportunity to freshen up before a long haul. There is also a small cafe area for light meals and refreshments.

S&T designed this space to have plenty of gentle light and simple, clean colours and textures. The light and dark tones that merge from one surface into another cleverly give the impression of both space and seclusion. Crisp lines frame the spaces and evoke order and calm, helping to untangle the pressured and disordered experiences of what travel can be like. Chairs arranged in circles are a warm, inviting contrast and reflect the finishes that blend from floor to wall; creating a sense of being “cocooned” in a safe, calm environment. 

Textures, elements, and colour all contribute to this “oasis” inside Auckland Airport, giving passengers a lasting experience of the peace and tranquillity of New Zealand. 

The lounge was also awarded the best third party lounge in the world by Malaysian Airlines. Try it out next time you head overseas and let us know how you enjoyed it!

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