It has been my great pleasure and privilege to attend and speak at the eight international edition of the Revit Technology Conference (2012) held this year on the picturesque south NSW coastline at Wollongong, May 24 -26 2012.

RTC is a training conference established by a group of BIM experts and Revit users to share expertise in a broad and complex field. The tag-line for the event is “run by Revit users for Revit Users”, and the event is coordinated the skilled and extremely enthusiastic team that make up the RTC Committee Group. This year’s event was well attended across a broad range of disciplines of Revit users from the Australian, New Zealand, SE Asian, and North American regions. The 100 + speaker sessions were generally of a very high quality and gave testimony to the ever advancing use of Revit (and BIM) in the local and international Building sectors.

The theme for this year’s RTC event was “Bridging the Divide”. My speaker session was entitled “Benefits of Deploying Revit Private Cloud” where I sought to demonstrate the value “Bridging the Divide” by employing Private Cloud Computing to deliver Revit Applications and Revit Project files to geographically dispersed Revit operators. My session was enthusiastically received by over 100 delegates, and has already resulted in a number of new market leads.

Other strong themes that played out during the RTC event:

  • The death of 2D – those companies that have made the decision and investment to move entirely over to Revit are now reaping the benefits of their decision, with no looking back.
  • The emerging use of smart Robotic Laser technology to deliver fast and highly accurate on-site set outs, all driven off the BIM model.
  • The integration of highly detailed and accurate 3D Laser Point Clouds that are transformed into 3D models of the as-built environments.

In 2013, RTC Australasia finally leaves its home country of Australia; the conference will be held in downtown Auckland, New Zealand. I hope to see you there!