Congratulations to Emily Batchelor - the winner of the 2012 Stephenson&Turner Prize at the Victoria University of Wellington. The annual scholarship is awarded to the student who, in S&T’s opinion, shows the best holistic integration of architecture with building services engineering in their work.

Emily has just completed the Bachelor of Architectural Studies, as well as a Bachelor of Building Science degree which she pursued concurrently, and her fourth year of study in the Masters of Architecture programme. 2013 will be her final year for study in the Masters of Architecture at Victoria University.

Her project titled “Knowing Your Neighbour” aims to rekindle a sense of community among medium-density dwellers in Wellington's CBD. It is a conceptual idea for a 25m-high residential building for 108 Cuba Street. By sharing common facilities, opening views between apartments, and creating breakout points for meeting space, her project seeks to engage residents with their neighbours and residents with the public realm.

“I am truly appreciative, and was humbled to be the recipient. The award has a great impact for me in many regards. The financial benefit will be a great help towards completing my studies next year, and the prestige of the award is of equal value. It is an admirable achievement to have gained, and will be a great addition to my CV. I am also very grateful for the affiliation it has given me with Stephenson and Turner...” - Emily

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