"On time, under budget and absolutely gorgeous" ~ The 'Dream Team' wins again


The Southern excellence awards, wsp opus best team award

The Southern Excellence Awards celebrate the people in property; recognising excellence in leadership and innovation in the South Island property industry. This year the WPS Opus Best Team Award was proudly presented to the following project team for their collaborative performance on the Dunedin Law Courts restoration project:

Construction Company: Amalgamated Builders

Project Manager: RDT Pacific

Architect: Stephenson & Turner (S&T)

Services Engineer: Stephenson & Turner (S&T)

Structural Engineer: Aurecon

Quantity Surveyor: PHC Limited

Heritage Architect: Ian Bowman

The successful project, completed on time and on budget, can be largely attributed to the outstanding collaboration between the client, the Ministry of Justice and the above project team.

Refurbishing an historic icon is a challenge in itself, but the project also needed to be an example of the Ministry of Justice's commitment to best-practice architectural conservation.

From the outset it was incredibly important for all parties to realise they were working together as a single entity to achieve the desired outcome. To achieve this, a culture of trust and respect had to be established and the result was a team that took pride in their work, took full ownership of the project and gave nothing less than 100%. Everyone was respected and valued for the experience and knowledge they bought to the project. Decisions were made through consulting all relevant members and the best for project options was chosen as the way forward. Communication was done at a verbal, personal level as much as possible, assuring great team cohesion. All members of the project team are extremely proud of what they have achieved.

The final result is outstanding - the Dunedin Law Courts retain their sense of history and esteem while incorporating the very latest in modern technology. It’s a beautiful yet functional building fit to serve the community for many years to come.