Naenae College

Special Needs Unit

In September 2013 Naenae College opened the doors to a new specialist learning facility designed by S&T. This was an exciting project that challenged us to cater for the security and particular needs of the students while still creating a contemporary 21st Century learning environment.

The design provides students with a 'learning street' starting at the entry lobby before gradually opening out to focus on a large grassed landscape. This focus out to the landscape breaks away from a traditional inward looking facility allowing students to have a connection with their surroundings.

The 'street' provides a clear legible circulation with extra space as many students need more personal spaces. There is a central focus around a kitchen used by students for life skill development. Individual spaces open up to the street allowing break-out space, collective use to computers and greater social interaction.

"We have now been in our new facility for a little over two and a half terms now and the space you created for us is AWESOME! The staff and students are really enjoying the new spaces and being under one roof.

We have now had time to learn about the spaces and how we can make them work. The 'flexi-space' is especially exciting and is used for class meetings, dancing, Disco, 4-square. A truly great space. The kitchen and the street also works well for us all. I enjoy having the office space which we use for meetings with families and other agencies. The students also enjoy coming in for a chat, a look around and quiet time.

Thank you all very much for this wonderful new facility. After a 9-10 year wait it is very exciting to be in. Yes it is too small - I could do with a couple more of the small teaching spaces already. Ah well we knew this didn't we?! Thank you so much for listening to us and what we would like to have as part of the new us. It really does work well.

You guys rock!!" - Julia Lee, HOD Naenae Special Needs Unit

Project Team