Mt Eden Corrections Facility

The new Mt Eden Prison incorporates the best of modern prison features with environmentally sustainable design while safeguarding an important landmark.

The small site presented planners and architects with several safety challenges while the design had to fit in well with surrounding buildings while minimising the impact on neighbouring sites and views from Mt Eden (Maungawhau).

The innovative Twin Skin cladding system around the accommodation building provides the security and privacy required while giving the appearance of a commercial building. Glass and louvered cladding also wraps around the secure concrete exterior to ensure visual screening of prisoners in cells from neighbouring properties.

Preserving the Mt Eden building heritage features was also an important factor of the project. The original 120 year old prison buildings have since been retired and restored for administration office use. The facility’s design involved extensive consultation with the Auckland City and Regional Councils, the Historic Trust, local iwi representatives and the site’s immediate neighbours.

Project management was crucial as the Prison and Auckland Central Remands, who share the site, continued to operate throughout the construction period.

Project Team