Monique MacKenzie

B.ArchSt ; M.Arch (Prof)

+64 27 490 5270



Monique chose to focus her Thesis on how pre-fabrication systems could be adapted to meet the complexities of residential hill site construction. This involved forming a matrix of hillside typologies and an in-depth study of the unique technical limitations involved with building on sloped sites.

Passionate about Norwegian architecture, Monique is intrigued by the relationship between untamed, harsh landscapes and how architecture can be situated within it and expressing similar qualities in form and materials.

Since moving back to her hometown of Christchurch, Monique has been working on residential earthquake repairs since joining the S&T Christchurch team.

Recently attending a drawing trip to Rome, Monique enjoys sketching concept designs while diagrammatically representing process. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling, trying out new cafes and hiking through the country.