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Max Gough

B.ArchSt ; Certified Passive House Designer

+64 21 063 2933



Originally from the UK, Max returned to study architecture after a 15 year career in mechanical design where he worked across diverse industries as mountain bike parts, military vehicles and factory built, transportable housing. From the outset Max was keen to adopt and leverage the most up-to-date design tools and technologies and he has implemented and championed the use of 3D software in a number of companies.

Max joined S&T as a graduate in February 2014 and is currently a member of the team documenting repairs to earthquake damaged Christchurch homes. Aside from an insatiable appetite for learning and maximising the potential of BIM, Max brings a logical, analytical approach to design and an eye for detail and precision from his years in the manufacturing industry. Max’s architectural interests span the spectrum - from residential houses to urban design and master planning. Whatever the project is, his approach is always underpinned with a strong emphasis on environmentally sustainable design.

Outside of work, Max enjoys mountain biking, trail running and rock climbing. He lives with his graphic designer partner on Wellington's south coast and is in the early stages of a project to build a home for themselves overlooking Island Bay.