Marshland School, Stage 2


At Marshland School, Stephenson & Turner’s use of timber utilised an innovative and efficient approach to construction.

Our use of full span LVL portals set up a visual rhythm which is seen throughout the building. This is complemented by the use of LVL box-bay windows, or ‘Dream-Boxes’, that insert between the portals, providing the school with a visual connection from the street into the student Learning hubs.

The timber portals and girts, were quick to erect and worked to frame and enclose an extruded series of varied spaces. They support Kingspan panels which were left unlined to create an expressed wall structure that brings a natural warmth to the interior.

Internal learning spaces are divided with Strandboard clad angular pods, or ‘Mountains’, in order to define and support the unique learning settings and pedagogies practiced by the school. As a com-pressed board product, it is extremely tough and durable therefore suiting the environment it services while further complementing the LVL structure with additional natural timber accents. Principal Jacqui Pascoe noted that “the hub has been designed so that all methods of teaching and learning are catered for… from the Dream-Boxes to the Co-Lab and the Nooks, the students have found their way and become comfortable in their new learning spaces... we love it, and we are enjoying learning how to get the very best out of the students in this amazing space”.