Midland Park, Wellington

S&T has provided new lighting for the park to replace the original inefficient scheme. Since the installation, the park has been invigorated by focusing on the positive elements and enriching them while renewing older infrastructure items.

Midland Park was originally built in 1983 and has been a green oasis in the Wellington CBD since its creation. With mature trees and garden, the park creates an environmental place to escape to within the city. The ‘refreshing’ of Midland Park has sensitively addressed issues confronting an aging but loved central city park.

The predominant lights in the new lighting installation are discreet floodlights mounted onto existing steel structures. The wash from the floodlights onto their associated structure poles results in the park being given a visual perimeter. Higher lighting around the park provides the periphery in order to attract people into the park and encourage them to use the seated areas. Spotlighting of the sculpture/fountain was added via spotlights mounted on new internal lighting poles, this spotlighting has resulted in the sculpture being a focal point of interest to again draw people into the park. The spotlighting creates dramatic shadows extending from the sculptures and picks up the river stone beds that the sculptures are set into.

Blue LED lights have been set into the walls of the new raised planter at the main entrance of the park to capture the attention of passing pedestrians and again attract them into the park. The lighting scheme does not leave any dark unsafe areas yet has variation in lighting intensities to maintain interest and create focal points within the park.

Project Team