S&T Lighting brings together a group of experienced, award winning lighting designers who are passionate about lighting and the lit environment.

At S&T Lighting our award winning Lighting Designers effortlessly combine aesthetic appeal with technical specification. Their passion for lit environments is only rivalled by their expertise in the field, and as far as they are concerned, light is as much an art as it is a science. 

At S&T Lighting we are working to raise the bar for lighting. We want people to experience light. We want to introduce our clients to the opportunities being created by new developments in lighting technology and establish lighting concepts early on so they become an integral part of the concept design.

S&T Lighting we are passionate about all things “light” and also the importance of “dark”. Our services include; lighting design for interior, exterior, recreation and urban, daylighting studies, environmental effects studies including reflected glare, lighting controls, interactive lighting, bespoke luminaire design and light art.

Talk to our Lighting Designers: Domenico De Vincentis or Glen Wright to discuss your next lighting project.