Les Mills World of Fitness

Lower Hutt

The Hutt gymnasium facility redefines the genre, providing its members with an energising and constantly dynamic environment in which to achieve the results they are looking for. From the moment you enter the doors and see the welcoming ` Hi’ on the reception desk, you are transported to a place of extraordinary light, movement and sound. Huge, expansively-lit walls are saturated with colours and patterns that can change within the hour.   Lighting at ground level create the illusion of floating elements- whether they are performance stages, walls or lockers.

Les Mills’ Fitness Centre requirements were a welcoming reception area; RPM (biking) studio,  group fitness studio,  main gym area, women only gym anda `cardio cinema’.

Along with this came expectations of effective acoustics, wireless connectivity, easy-clean, hard-wearing surfaces, smart cross area navigation, and ample and well lit changing spaces, with plenty of lockers and roomy showers.

S&T used principles of sustainability and energy conservation in this design.

“Undoubtedly one of the best fitness centres in the world”

- Reece Zontag, CE of Les Mills International

Project Team