Kathy Griffin


+64 21 112 9704                                                               kgriffin@stephensonturner.com

Commercial, Education, Residential


Kathy began her initial work in pre-computer drafting, moving onto Revit capability in 2006. She is in charge of documentation training and is involved in project specific drawing set-up support, along with quality assurance reviews and providing an overview for most projects to maintain S&T's consistency and quality in drawings. Her work has traversed the scope of community buildings, multi-purpose residencies and education facilities. 

Kathy enjoys working with the younger members of staff to increase their knowledge and understanding of the purpose and content of drawings for construction. She thrives on attention to detail and has a real focus on quality, clarity and consistency of drawings. 

When not at work, Kathy makes family time a priority along with a number of outdoor activities including gardening.