Hornby Primary & High School

Stephenson&Turner in partnership with Hayball have completed the master plan design for both Hornby Primary and High Schools.

The two schools share a common boundary and because of this are being designed to maximise the potential of having two schools in close proximity. The master plan looks to include a central forecourt aka ‘The Village’ as a way to join the schools and encourage parents and care givers to congregate.

Hornby Primary is undergoing a major redevelopment including the relocation and refurbishment of existing buildings, site works and a new administration block which will be joined with the High School.

Hornby High will receive an almost complete rebuild including a new administration block, gymnasium, technology block and teaching spaces.

Both schools host a large Maori population, to reflect this a Whare is being built on the Hornby High School grounds.

The works are part of the Ministry of Education’s initiative to invest $1 billion over the next 10 years into restoring, renewing and establishing new schools in greater Christchurch to create more modern schools with improved facilities.