Harbour View Apartments

From a building which resembled a sort of ancient orphanage, with a ghastly blue facade, black windows, and dingy steel balconies, S&T transformed Harbourview into a high-class, elegant apartment, coming $2k under a budget of $800,000.

Re-design quotes had previously been too expensive, running into the millions. The building wasn’t worth the investment.

In the end S&T picked up the challenge. Our design idea, drawing inspiration from water and light, sought to help Harbourview find the identity promised in its name. Key themes were “white” and “fluidity”; curves instead of angles, soft instead of hard. With a minimal scope of exterior and lobby, we set to work.

Outside, the building was painted white, the original blue highlighting the base of the balconies. The balustrades were replaced with glass, allowing occupants an uninterrupted view of the harbour. From below, the series of curved, glass-fibre soffits create a simple wave pattern, suggesting both strength and movement. The garden became a glass façade framed in white marble, revealing an interior panel of warm ebony. Inside, the lobby is largely made up of seamlessly wrapped, polished Italian marble. The effect is surreal; marble floor curves into wall and then into ceiling, the surfaces a cascading ocean of reflection. The opposite wall is a continuation of ebony veneer, a visual guide to the lifts. Circular light fittings of mouthblown glass bloom on the walls and ceiling, appearing to hover over the marble surfaces. No other ornament is needed; the materials are classical, but the simplicity modern.

Harbourview’s occupants were astonished with the results of the refurbishment, having no idea that such beauty could emerge from the original building.