The Fire Engineers at S&T provide performance-based Fire Safety design during the concept, design and construction phases of new and existing facilities.

Our team undertakes people-movement and evacuation modelling for Fire and Non-Fire emergencies. This modelling includes the spread and impact of fire and smoke on people, property and Emergency services. The Fire Safety Strategy is a result of Fire Engineering analysis & modelling, interpretation of Codes & Standards and negotiations with authorities & stakeholders.

We design and specify Fire Detection & Suppression Systems, including:

  • Fire Detection
  • Wet Sprinklers
  • Dry Sprinklers
  • Gas Flooding
  • Hose Reels and Extinguishers  

S&T's Fire Engineers are established local leaders and provide related independent design verification and peer reviews along with undertaking specific Fire Safety designs where standard solutions are not applicable.

For more information, contact Jason King, Theresa Clarke or Bastien Ballu