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Erika Wilson

B.ArchSt ; M.Arch (Prof) 

+64 27 521 5490

Education, Residential


Born in Canada but having spent most of her life growing up in Christchurch, Erika has returned to Christchurch after completing her architectural studies in Wellington.

Currently inspired by the transitional state of architecture in Christchurch, Erika is interested in how buildings are experienced at a human scale and more specifically, the relationship between memory and buildings as mnemonic icons. Erika is excited to be bringing this energy into the practice of designing and building architecture with S&T where she is currently working on earthquake repairs for houses in Christchurch.

In her spare time, Erika continues to feed her interest in the community by organising and taking part in community events in the city - contributing in her own small way to city life and the re-build in Christchurch.