Ellerslie School, Auckland

Client:  Ministry of Education
Service:  Architecture, Building Services (electrical, plumbing, mechanical and fire)
Date Completed:  2016
Team Involved:   Paul Raven, Ana Suznjevic


The significant undertaking of designing and delivering a new two storey block containing 24 classrooms was a response to replacing pre-fab classrooms and increasing classroom numbers due to Ellerslie School's projected growth.  

S&T collaborated with key school personnel to design and create an innovative and engaging learning environment embodying the school’s strong sense of pride, identity, culture, accessibility and sustainability.

The new building consists of four clusters of six semi-open plan classrooms situated around a central common utility core with transitional Awhina spaces and decks to create a learning environment aligned with the school’s learning strategy.  The school colours of yellow, orange and red were incorporated into various building elements to break up the vastness of the building while adding some modernity. 

Through innovative and economical design, S&T have created a well insulated and comfortable learning and teaching environment.  The building features large north facing windows which capture natural light and a mono-pitch roofline which extends over the walkways and three stairwells adds a light and airy feel. An extended communal outdoor area features landscaping zones and further terrace seating.