Eline Van de Haterd 

B.Des : B.Cons (Engineering and Architecture) | Registered Interior Architect (NL) 

+64 27 777 4419


With 9 years’ experience as a Project Manager and an Interior Architect in different areas of the building industry, Eline has a keen sense for human relations. Due to her technical and design background, she understands the building industry well from a design, client and a contractor point of view. Eline is a creative thinker with strong organisational and team leadership skills, managing her projects precisely and with attention to detail without losing sight of the bigger picture.

What Eline enjoys most about her work is managing both bottom up and top down processes and inspiring all the disciplines to work together in order to deliver the best outcome for the client. Eline excels in developing robust project processes and coming up with creative solutions to solve client problems.

Outside of work, Eline enjoys yoga, trail running and hiking. Visiting cities, museums and art galleries.