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Dekhani Nsaliwa

B.Sc ; M.ArchEng ; PhD cand. Net Zero Energy Buildings

+64 4 894 4742                                                                   

Residential, Commercial

A recent appointment at S&T, Dekhani is supporting the push to further adopt a sustainable design in our approach to building. Adept at digital simulation of zero energy built environments, life cycle assessment, computer modelling as well as sustainability and renewable energy - Dekhani brings valuable know-how to S&T’s growing ‘Green Team’.

Having worked in the Residential and Commercial sector, Dekhani has developed comprehensive computer models for holistic urban energy accounting systems and conducted research on high performance built environments and zero emission cities. His interest in advanced computer urban energy modelling techniques has led to his familiarity with building integrated energy storage, solar PVs and urban transport technology. 

Winner of the VUW's Postgraduate Research Excellence Award in 2014, Dekhani is a self-starter and his international collaborations have taken him far and wide with experience in the UK, Abu Dhabi, Denmark, China, Norway, Switzerland, USA and Australia.