Civic Administration Building - endless possibilites

The Civic Administration Building has long polarised public opinion. Once the tallest building in Auckland, it also boasted one of the first steel framed structures to grace the city’s skyline.

Some would argue the building is worthy of its soon-to-be heritage status - Others would take great exception to the word ‘grace’ being used to describe what they see as an eyesore with little relationship or consideration to the surrounding urban environment.

But this is a little unfair, given a wider plan for an administrative hub in the area was largely abandoned after the first few buildings were constructed.

Nonetheless, the building has been standing tall for almost 50 years, and now that the council have moved out, there is speculation about its future >> Click here to read the latest New Zealand Herald article

As weather-tightness experts and lead designers for the external surfaces of the neighbouring Aotea Centre, we know some significant structural upgrades are required to meet current seismic criteria and as leading edge designers, S&T have decided to explore some opportunities that could invigorate the existing building.

There are many angles to delivering an interesting, engaging and buildable solution and our ideas are just a small sample of what could be done – the possibilities are endless…