Callum Leslie

B.ArchSt ; M.Arch

+64 27 379 8340                                                             



Callum joins the S&T team and works with documentation, sketching and BIM Modelling. These skills have been put to good use in projects centered within the Education sector.

Along with graduating from Victoria University, Callum saw his physical model-making skills greatly impacted when he went on an exchange to attend the Technical University of Munich. 

Seeing the way traditional techniques marry with modern technology to create interesting forms and juxtapositions is the driving force behind his interest in Architecture. Callum is drawn specifically to the Japanese style of the discipline. He is also interested in the functional properties necessitated by transportation facilities such as airports and train stations which have to regularly deal with large numbers on a daily basis.

Outside of work, Callum loves to travel while indulging in his passion for photography. His talent for the guitar means you'll probably spot him pretty regularly at local gigs and concerts.