The University of Auckland

Building 303 Refurbishment

S&T’s Engineers have led the charge to provide innovative building services solutions for the University of Auckland’s Physics Building (303). This recent round of refurbishment - to an architectural design developed by Architectus - will bring the remainder of the building (over 7000m2) up to an international standard as part of the ongoing campus development.

Providing world-class natural ventilation is not as simple as opening a few windows. It takes clever engineering to make sure that natural ventilation systems meet a high standard of comfort and are consistent with published benchmarks. In this project, a complex system was installed which monitors environmental conditions both inside and outside the building, automatically opening windows whenever CO2 levels register as being above a specified level. A night-purge system also serves to improve air quality and reduce energy use by lowering temperatures during warmer months.

In contrast to the natural ventilation integrated to the Tower, the Physics and Optics labs beneath had to conform to highly specified condition with temperatures remaining within a controlled narrow band.

The work has been staged and all except the final Stage 3B (dealing with the Level 2 offices) is complete. The result is an improved, sustainable, low energy and high-tech research facility that will support the University's students, faculty and staff for many years to come.

Project Team