Auckland Women's Corrections Facility

ARWCF provides accommodation for remand and sentenced women prisoners within a range of different residential units. Originally built in 2006 to provide 287 residential beds, the bed capacity was increased in 2010 to 469 beds through the installation of bunk beds and expansion for mothers and babies. This doubled the capacity in the low security units and increased the capacity of the high security units by around 50%. 

The ARWCF Enhancements project will provide enhancements to facilities to improve the operations, safety and security of the prison. 

S&T are working as lead consultant with Aurecon to provide all design and project design management services, including architectural, physical security, structural engineering, geotechnical, building and site services engineering, fire safety, landscaping, resource management, and commissioning services.

Proposed enhancement works that are to be delivered will be the top priority items that fit within a construction budget of $5 million. The enhancements proposed to ARWCF are bracketed into 5 groups, Risk Mitigation Work, Security Upgrade, Work related to Working in Prisons Strategy, Grounds Maintenance Base – External, All-weather Vehicle Control Facility at boundary. 

Project Team