Auckland Internationl Airport

S&T's involvement with Auckland's International Airport has included the installation of the country’s first (and award-winning) automated border processing system.

Developed by the New Zealand Customs Service, ‘SmartGate’ is a simple, secure and sophisticated system which performs the customs and immigration checks made by Customs officers when travellers arrive in Australia or New Zealand.

Our brief was to create an interior design solution for the SmartGate kiosks which travellers use as the first step in the process. The kiosks had to look good and provide a straightforward, intuitive experience for the user as well as being easy to adapt to other airports in New Zealand.

"Returning was easy for me - although there were quite long queues at Immigration, I was directed to the new SmartGate as I have an e-Passport. Through and done in under a minute - brilliant! Luggage was already waiting on the conveyor and I was through MAF screening and out in the concourse in just a few minutes.”

- Chris McQuaid (New Zealand) (Skytrax Airport Reviews)

"Flew Auckland-Apia (Samoa) return. No queues and the best bit was clearing immigration in less than 1 minute using the new Smartgate self-processing kiosks available to NZ/OZ passport holders. Then straight down to baggage claim. Would have been out in less than 10 minutes after landing but for needing to go through Red lane (goods to declare)."

- Anthony Gibbons (New Zealand) (Skytrax Airport Reviews)