Angelina Ang

BAS, MArch (Prof)

Angelina is an architectural graduate who draws in perspectives from all around her, forging connections within S&T and the wider community,

She joins S&T fresh off her Master’s programme after completing her thesis “Governed by Opportunity”. In this research investigation, Angelina interviewed traditional trade artisans and conducted field studies to explore how traditional trades can be conserved and integrated into the present and future development of Singapore. As well as completing her studies, she has previously worked as a Design Consultant where she worked closely with clients to produce soft furnishings, upholstery, joinery and drapery. 

Angelina is skilled in a number of technical programs, including Revit, SketchUp and Adobe Suite as well as physical modelling.  She enjoys working with the wider specialist team at S&T to understand each other’s requirements, coordinate and problem solve. She is also passionate about working closely with the relevant communities of a project, through participatory design, to ensure all opinions, concerns and ideas are heard.

In her free time, Angelina enjoys finding new places to eat, drinking plenty of coffee and submerging herself in new cultures and traditions through travel.