All Saints Church

All Saints Church was first established in Wellington in 1894 with a Church Room built on Moxham Avenue. The community quickly outgrew this building and it was enlarged between 1904 & 1907 to form the Church Hall, which S&T's new All Saints Centre replaces.

The construction of this new centre involved adhering to a number of strict requirements, the first of these being a high level of acoustic mitigation in order to meet resource consent conditions. In addition to the floor grills (fitted to provide constant air flow) and acoustic ducts under the floor, S&T also employed a specialist acoustic consultant who used Woodtex to make the ceiling lining sound absorbent. Along with ensuring that all fans had attenuators, the installed AV system possessed a sound level limiter that utilised lots of smaller speakers. 

Limitations on high rooflines were also a requirement of resource consent conditions. The roof is flat where the building extends beyond the previous hall’s roof line. Where the roof is peaked, sky lights were built to maximise the natural daylight. In addition to this the south facing wall, which is almost entirely made up of windows to capitalise on the same purpose, also shows off the old church with the deck providing easy access between the buildings.

The new All Saints Centre depends on the generosity of the community and therefore had to be an economically viable build. Solar water heating was installed to reduce the cost of hot water standing losses and low energy LED lighting and high efficiency fluorescent lighting were used throughout.

The All Saints Centre is used for a variety of functions including weddings, funerals, art exhibitions, play groups as well as corporate events and seminars. As a result, the space required administration offices, a commercial kitchen, breakout spaces and a large hall. The industrial kitchen was built to cater for a variety of functions and included a Helton rangehood with 5 ring hob and high flow extract, double and single ovens, an industrial dishwasher with separate wash up and preparation sinks and a layout carefully considered for ease of work flow during busy times.

The parishioners have now moved into the new All Saints Centre and now enjoy a sound-proofed, warm, bright, sustainable and economically viable building.



Project Team