Auckland International Airport
Arrivals Expansion

S&T produced a concept design proposal for the future expansion of the arrivals area at the international airport, thereby creating a new front façade to the terminal building. This proposed a first floor arrivals plaza, integrating an airport hotel, circulation and public transport hub along with improved meeting and retail areas.

The concept was based on 7 waka sails which tied into the nautical aesthetic of the existing terminal façade but used new materials and technologies. Sustainability measures included the use of rainwater harvesting, natural ventilation, natural light and solar design.

Pedestrian traffic was a key focus, solved via an overpass at the arrivals hall, landscaped with native planting.

The design included multi-level baggage carousels feeding directly to the first floor from below onto a series of island conveyors.

The aim would be to build on the recent addition of the Smart Gate at Customs to further enhance the arrivals experience, already recognised by Auckland Airport being named the 9th Best Airport in the World in the recent 2010 Skytrax Awards.

The Airport’s brand `Representing New Zealand’ was integrated into the interior finishes, with references to our natural environment - the ocean, foreshore and forest landscapes illustrating a pictorial journey of settlers and visitors. Use of patterns in ceiling, wall and floor assist with wayfinding as well as referring to native art and “taniko”, the Maori welcoming ceremony.

The complexities of the airport’s numerous functions have been simplified and rationalised, most notably in wayfinding and the offering of a unique New Zealand experience.

S&T combined extensive planning and detail-conscious design to create the new 3A International Arrivals Area at Auckland Airport - New Zealand’s main gateway for overseas tourists and visitors. Clear organization of space and use of way-finding were key in the design of the larger arrivals area including border processing hall and duty-free shopping area. Careful planning also took into account future expansions.

By introducing key interior finishes at critical points the complexities of the airport’s numerous functions have been simplified and rationalised, most notably in “way-finding” and the offering of a unique New Zealand experience.

"Having worked closely with S&T on several high profile projects within the Auckland International Airport and its precinct, I have gained an appreciation of the professional and thorough approach S&T and its employees take in the delivery of large, complex, and deadline driven projects. In my experience, S&T’s philosophy of working very closely with its clients through consultation and reporting is the key to their success. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to future clients.

As the principal international point of entry into New Zealand, the design of the Auckland Airport and its precinct not only serves a functional purpose but also reflects the character and culture of new Zealand. This often raises complex design and feasibility issues, which S&T has resolved in an innovative and creative manner, whilst continuing to address the all-important issues of functionality and security. "

Steve Reindler, Former General Manager of Engineering at Auckland Airport

Project Team