8 Nugent Street

The existing building has been retained and refurbished for apartments and is the focus for the development while the outer edges of the courtyard are defined to the north and east by new office buildings and to the south by a car park and utility building.

The open space created is mainly for pedestrian use but also allows low speed vehicle circulation providing access to the showroom and retail spaces.

Access to the courtyard and internal street from Nugent Street is by way of landscaped stairs which resolve the transition between the slope of Nugent Street and the courtyard level.

Vehicle access to the car park building is at the southern edge of the site. Retail and food outlets open onto the courtyard which is finished with paving in a bold geometric pattern and features quality street furniture and landscaping.

The office buildings are designed to create a sophisticated commercial image comprising large areas of glazing, varied to suit environmental conditions and to act as a counterfoil to the more detailed interactive timber clad façade of the refurbished existing building.

The project has been designed by S&T Architects and Building Services Engineers and has achieved a staged 4 Green Star rating for the now completed Office Building. Achieving the desired rating has involved a careful analysis of the building and environment through the use of the latest modelling techniques.